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There are never enough Salstrade fics in the world.

there really isn’t :( there’s only 17 fics on ao3 that include sally/greg and not even all of them are actually salstrade-centric. if i could actually write, i’d write wonderfully long angsty pieces where greg’s still married and sally’s sick of being second best but he makes her so happy and there’s loads of fluff and angst and gahdsfhdsfsd i wish i could write properly


greg being all nervous and asking sally for a drink after work 。^‿^。

sally dressing up in her best dress for him, and laughing as his jaw drops when he sees her 。◕‿◕。

sally calling him boss after sex because that what happens when he’s good (≧∇≦)/

greg and sally sneaking kisses during work, and giggling because for once there’s something that sherlock holmes just can’t deduce 。(⌒∇⌒。)

preview of an autism sketch I’m writing

I know that, when my brother or I tell someone he has Asperger's, they always look/sound sympathetic and go "Oh, really?"


And tell your brother sorry people do that :/


autistic friends

what’s an annoying thing people do to you when you tell them you’re autistic

specifically has to be when you tell them or their later responses to that information

You're the last person I wanna see at 221bcon, fuck off






lol looks like I’m going now

Come fight me

Fight them Lory! Do it! Do it!

It’ll be a panel

"Lory fights their anons"

image image

I’d go to 221BCon just for this tbh.

go to 221b site and request a “lory fights her anons” event/panel

The Simpsons News Blast!



  1. There will be a Bob’s Burgers cameo in the Family Guy/Simpsons crossover episode on September 28. (via EW)
  2. You will be able to stream all 25 seasons of The Simpsons on FXX for 12 days in August. (via Variety)
  3. Some hints were made about the anticipated mystery character death that will take place in Season 26. (via EW)
  4. Futurama/Simpsons crossover episode will air on November 9th. (via EW)


bolded the important part

anon hate just makes me tired because i’m like, “ugh i gotta answer this, what way can i respond to this, now you makin’ me think about a response anon”

i wonder if my anons realize yet that anon hate has the opposite effect on me

they must be new